Adventures In Seawell

The story so far.....

The medium sized port town of Seawell had been experiencing a large number of shipwrecks near the old lighthouse, preventing the town from receiving much needed supplies and trade goods. A group of mighty adventurers was hired to investigate. Led by the ill-tempered Hawke, a human Gestalt and assisted by his fellow companions Vale, a half-red dragon, Merg, the half orc barbarian, and Mahala, the scantily clad human monk of unknown origin set off to investigate.
The adventurers chose to take the overland route with Mahala serving as their guide. The route proved treacherous and the group faced many challenges including poisonous snakes, vicious jungle cats, and crocodiles. When they arrived at the lighthouse they were greeted by a lizardfolk warrior. The warrior explained that pirates had constructed a false lighthouse near the old one and had been luring ships to their doom on the reef and pillaging the remains. The party was also told that the pirates still patrolled the nearby areas that were serving as their camp. The party ventured forth and investigated the old lighthouse only to find it void of valuables and its former inhabitants nothing but rotting corpses, slain by the pirates.
The party valiantly defeated the pirates and destroyed the false lighthouse and returned to Seawell to explain what had happened. The town greatly thanked the adventures and pleaded for their services again. A new threat had emerged and several villagers, including women and children, had gone missing from the town. There had been rumors of a blood thirsty cult dedicated to Morgus Ulnor, god of Pain, Suffering, and Death, who had started worshipping in the nearby swamps. The town believed that the worshippers had kidnapped the innocent villagers and taken them to the decrepit temple as a means of sacrifice. The adventurers agreed to investigate and save the villagers if possible. This time, Hawke had the aid of two new adventurers willing to join the investigation. ___________(kathys character) and ______________(adams character).
Hawke and his crew traversed the dank and dangerous swamps and eventually came upon the partially sinking temple. To their horror they discovered a villager crucified upside down above the entrance to the temple. The group tried to help the man but to no avail. They swore to investigate so emotions were pushed aside and they went inside the temple. Inside they encountered several obstacles including ghouls, crazed, masochistic worshippers, tortures, undead, and even a necromancer! The adventures rescued those that they could and narrowly escaped the temple before it sank into the swamp and emitted a massive burst of mysterious red energy! When they returned, the party was charged with yet another task. This time they were needed to investigate strange sounds and explosions coming from a small house on the edge of town. The home was inhabited by ex-adventuring Halfling wizards now turned professional cooks! The party agreed and Hawke decided he wanted to eventually become mayor of Seawell and rename it ‘Hawke City’. He discovered there was going to be an election soon and began soliciting votes in exchange for his services and protection, extorting those in need. The task was quickly completed and the pastry golem defeated and the town returned to normal, at least until the current mayor went missing. The party was commissioned by a mysterious man(then unknown to be a member of the Assassins Guild, The Bloody Crows) to venture forth into the swamps to save the mayor from a local tribe of lizardfolk who were holding him hostage because the town was built on their sacred land. They were joined by Vale’s old friend, Roscoe Greenbottle, a Halfling rogue.
The party braved the wilderness and was met by Grishnak, a female lizardfolk warrior and the leader of the local clan. She led the adventurers to the underwater lair that served as their base of operations. There the group negotiated for the mayor’s freedom in return for their services in trying to negotiate with the town’s council to give the lizardfolk some parcel of land back. The party was instructed to send word in three days time or there would be an invasion. The journey back to Seawell was met with horrific storms at sea the party’s ship capsized and the members washed ashore into a cave along the shoreline without the monk, the crew, or the mayor! Inside they discovered skeletons(who became animated and attacked them) and a Genie imprisoned in a magical cage. They freed the Genie and were each promised one wish as long as they gazed into a magical jewel the genie was holding. Everyone but Vale fell for this trick and their bodies fell limp as they plunged into deep slumber and became immersed in a dreamworld where their wishes seemed so real. Meanwhile the genie used the energies their bodies emitted while dreaming to try and open a portal to another plane where more vile Jinn could come forth into the material plane. Vale ran the genie off and the party woke back into reality and returned to town.
Shortly after returning to town Roscoe was commissioned to investigate an unknown dungeon that surfaced after a small earthquake on the edge of town. The dungeon proved treacherous and full of traps, mystery and strange creatures…..even a dragon! He emerged on a mountaintop and made his way back to the town.
Some time after returning to town, Roscoe learned that the mayor’s body had been found and Hawke and the rest of the companions were wanted for his murder! He followed one of the assassins and learned that they were to be captured on sight by the guards and imprisoned where in just three days time they would be hanged for their supposed crime! The assassin also told Roscoe that if the party wanted to live they had to pay their bounty’s worth in gold to The Bloody Crows and never return to the town. Seeing as the party didn’t have anything near this amount of coin, they were in deep trouble. Roscoe was captured and thrown in a cell with Hawke but he escaped later on with a plan and the keys to the prison cells. He left the door to Hawke’s cell open yet Hawke was sleeping soundly. Roscoe then fled the town and sought adventure farther away from Seawell after explaining the party’s current predicament to Vale.
The party was sitting at the tavern at the local inn discussing their problem when the guards marched inside to meet them. They demanded that the party come with them peacefully and spoke to them of their crime. An unknown gnome illusionist stepped in and impersonated a high ranking officer and persuaded the guards to leave the party in his hands. He later joined them in tracking down the assassins supposed hideout(concealed within an old lady’s house, who they battered and bloodied). The hideout was fraught with danger, traps and assassins were everywhere yet the party bravely and mercilessly defeated each one save for two who managed to escape through a heavy door. The party tried to track them down but came only to a room full of small stones with inscribed with the saying “You should not have come here”. Upon reading the stones, Perry, the party’s drunken fighter was injured as the stone exploded in his hands and a piece of which struck the Dorengail cleric, rendering him unconscious!
After learning of the destructive power of these stones, Vale took some of them and the party proceeded through another door at the end of the room. Inside they discovered a steel hatch leading through the floor. Vale tore the door off the hinges, revealing a ladder leading to darkness beneath……….

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